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UPYG.COM tries to deliver you nothing but the best and honest reviews about the different businesses in Australia. We try to give you our honest opinion about their products, services, and even their management. What we don’t show you is how we determine if a business is good or not, or if a business is going to be successful. We also don’t show you how we determine if the business owner is a good leader or a bad one. This article will not exactly show you our exact science for producing reviews, but we are going to point out the different characteristics that good businesses and successful business owners have. It’s not about who got the best business telephone systems or customer service department.

Is it all about making money?

A good business and its success is not measured on the amount of money it earns. A company that earns billions of dollars a year does not automatically guarantee success. What constitutes success? What constitutes a good business? If it’s not about making money, how would one determine if it’s a good or successful business? Simply put, if you ask 10 people about what it takes to have a good and success business, you’ll get 11 different answers, mainly because GOOD and SUCCESS equate differently to other people.

The man or woman behind the wheel

A business is a mere reflection of the people running it. Good business owners will run or can guarantee a good business, while bad ones guarantee a poor company. Business owners are responsible for the fate of the business and the people that help run it. It is a leadership position that goes beyond ordering people around. It’s about inspiring people to enjoy and appreciate work. If they see you not appreciating what you do as a business owner, you really can’t expect them to do the same for their work. What are the characteristics of a good business owner?

1.)Focus – A good business owner must never lose sight of his or her goals for the company. Ron Finklestein said that it doesn’t take a complicated business plan to make a business successful, but it needs to be thought out and executed properly. Good business owners should focus on the essentials of their business plan, including but not limited to, market and product information, and finances.

2.)Ambition – A good business owner can see beyond the green pasture. He or she needs to see what lies beyond the green pasture and turn this into a drive to be successful. He or she needs to be able to push the business forward by creating a path.

3.)Risk taker – Ambition is nothing without risk. Business owners need to make risks every now and then. What matters here is that the risk should be worth the reward; otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money. Risks are needed in order to push the company forward and a good business owner will know when the right time is to take risks. Risks that are carefully planned and executed with focus and ambition can guarantee success for the company. If you need to invest in something that will boost your company’s profits, like business telephone systems, then go for it!

The characteristics of a good and successful company

One characteristic cannot exist without the other. A company is not good if it’s not successful and a company is not successful if it’s not good. What makes a good and successful company?

1.)Drive – A good company is driven to meet the needs and wants of the customers with unmatched quality. Any company can generate customers and that’s a fact. The real challenge here is to keep your customers coming back. If they come back to you, they like your service and they become loyal. They will even point their friends to your business’ direction. A good company is also driven to succeed without stepping on other people’s toes or making other companies look bad. It can be a cutthroat world, but one does not need to indulge in negative actions just to push their business forward.

2.)Commitment – Good businesses are committed to deliver total customer satisfaction. A happy customer is a returning customer. This commitment is also one of the big factors that let businesses create products and other innovations because they want to make their customers happy. If I am a consumer and they have what I need, I don’t need to go anywhere else because I got everything I need in this business.

3.)Innovation – You can’t teach old dog new tricks, but you can improvise. Old companies that have been around for years are stagnated because they already have a working system and it has worked for them for years. After all, if it’s not broken, why bother fixing it? Innovation is important in any business because it indicates that a company is flexible enough to roll with the punches and ride the waves. For example, a real estate company can resort to using promos and discounts on their houses every time the interest rates go down. This will help them make a sale while making their customers happy. A company that innovates its own products and services is an indication that they are striving to meet the volatile and growing demands of their customers.

4.)Environment-friendly – Companies that are concerned with the environment will try to come up with developing new products that won’t take up too much natural resources or that won’t harm the environment. Sustainable development has been promulgated and supported by big companies. Sustainable development can be achieved through the simple acts of promoting biodegradable materials and packaging, recycling, and other eco-friendly means.

5.)Honest – A good business is honest. It does not lead its customers through false hopes and promises. If it fails on a certain aspect, it does not hide it. Businesses, like humans, are not perfect. Business owners who try to hide their imperfections instead of working their way around and with it are not doing their business and customers a favour. If a business cannot meet the expectations of a customer, it does not create false promises or lies about making the customer feel good. Instead, they turn this into an honest way of innovating and committing themselves to working for a better product or service.

If businesses and their business owners have these characteristics, they can guarantee a good and successful business that will last for a long time.

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