Marketing has come a long way. From traditional ads like television and prints, it has evolved to the Internet, social media and now to our handheld devices. Mobile marketing is taking businesses into new heights with its current, efficient and effective output. And most absolutely, this will definitely stay considering the billions of people who are engaged in their cell phones, tabs and pads.

For businesses and companies, this can be a good opportunity to slowly shift some marketing campaigns. Truth be told, this is the hottest to ever hit the market and definitely is here to stay for long. This is the right time to embrace on using mobile platforms as a new medium for ads. To date, there are already existing campaigns that you might want to look at. Here are some effective ones.

Website Fit For Mobile

The very first thing a business owner can do to transition to mobile would be reconstructing the site to be mobile enabled. You can start by searching for mobile emulators on the web and see how your current site would appear to billions of mobile users. This emulator acts like a mobile phone web browser. You can instantly see how your business site would look on varied mobile handsets.

There are two things to keep in mind while checking on the emulator. One is that a mini version of your full site will be viewed or you may not see your site at all. The former is good while the latter is bad. If upon checking you are experiencing the worst case scenario then it would be best to gear mobile development of your site. This does not mean revamping it altogether just to achieve it. You might want to add a few plugins to make it mobile enable.

Mobile SEO

SEO does not only cater to the web. It also holds a crucial role on mobile marketing. As a matter of fact, a good knowledge on such could literally skyrocket your business up. The ability to optimize your website for mobile search engines is similar to creating a good mobile marketing foundation. Being found on mobile devices is the second thing to consider after making your site mobile ready.

You can still use the old way of doing search engine optimization like backlinks, submissions, writing, directories and the like. However, instead of submitting links to the usual sites, grab some mobile sites and link with them.

There are still many effective mobile marketing campaigns. Considering its wide capacity and great opportunity, there is no doubt that marketers are already transitioning their business to fit the bill. Hence, do not be left out, inculcate mobile marketing in your business now.

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