Mobile marketing is just about everywhere. We can see it in our handheld devices, in our tablets, pads and the cyberspace. Little did we know what we are currently engaging in it however we just don’t know about mobile marketing. In the side of the marketers and business owners, they often neglect this leading to a loss of opportunity and greater reach.

So in order to set the record straight, we shall be answering the question as to what mobile marketing is and what are the common means and ways to do it.

Mobile marketing is the newest trend with regards to advertising. More and more companies and business owners are seeing the great potential of this medium in terms of reach and efficiency. Even more, the number of individuals who own a mobile device or two is just staggering that the figures are just overwhelming. And this is one opportunity to tap and consider.

One of the most effective campaigns with regards to mobile marketing is using SMS. SMS or short messaging service is the oldest means to market using a cellular phone. After all, such gadgets are known for sending this kind of brief messages. On the marketers end, you can be able to use this potential to also perform your own advertising campaigns. Here’s how to get started.

Mobile marketing is marketing with a mobile device. However, this does not only limit to cellphones or mobile phones. This also covers handheld devices like tablets, pads, wireless devices and more. Other known definition of mobile marketing is the use of mobile medium as a way to market. This would include distribution of any promotional messages or ads to prospect consumers using a wireless mode of network.

To date, there are varied ways to pursue mobile marketing. Each time, another one has been added because of its wide use and great marketing potential. Here are a few ways to pull off mobile marketing.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing or Short Message Service marketing involves sending out text messages to consumer numbers about your business or an advertising update. No wonder this has been tagged as a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world simply because of its reach and cost. Most SMS costs a few cents and there is a guarantee that it would be read by the owner. As a marketer you can opt to send out short codes or premium rated short messages for SMS reception running in several applications.

MMS Marketing

Aside from sending out text messages with SMS, you can also send out multimedia ones such as images and music. MMS or Multimedia Message Service is setting a new wave in mobile marketing. Since most of the phones that we have now can cater to multimedia, this is also an effective tool for advertising and as a means to get your message across. In some networks, brands can sponsor such kind of messages that are sent from person to person or P2P.

In Game Mobile Marketing

Apps and games are the most downloaded ones in any mobile device today. You can be able to use this as a means to market your products or your business. Interactive real time 3D games and social networking games can be used. In here, you can deliver promotional messages within the game or by simply sponsoring an app in order to drive consumer engagement.

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